After Service

Warranty: 1 year warranty
In the following conditions, the SanXi promised to bear the corresponding product liability:

I. warranty period
Unless otherwise noted, all three hi products, since the date of purchase, are to enjoy the one year warranty. Replacement warranty period is thirty days or longer.

II. Beneficiary warranty
First purchaser enjoy this warranty.

III. Warranty
Special instructions, 3 year warranty is not unconditional. The SanXi products, though stringent manufacturing standards,like the other products, not without damage. Therefore, due to improper use or vandalism caused by damage to the product warranty does not list.

The following conditions are not included in the warranty of the column:
1. Unauthorized transformation products; serial number or warranty label worn, altered or lost.
2. Normal wear and tear.
3. Damage caused by abnormal operation failed.
4. Damage caused by the following situations or malfunction:
Accident, abuse, misuse, neglect, fire, flood, lightning, or other natural disasters; unauthorized product modification or failure to follow instructions.
SanXi does not officially designated repair point repair
Damage in transit (liability from the transport side).
And products are not associated with mistakes..